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D3DXMesh-GetBones() ?

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Hi, I would like to convert the ID3DXMesh to my own mesh, but I just cant understand how one can get to their skinning information (I would like to copy the bones, the vertex weights, the bone structure and so on). I have looked at the SDK samples, but I just don't want to copy their code, I need to understand it first, and that's where I thought you could help me. For example, what is that AllocateHierarchy thing (do I really need it when I'm not going t render the D3DXMesh?), what about mesh container and why can't I just get the D3DXFRAMEs and some sort of keyframe information at once after loading the mesh with D3DXLoadMeshFromX? (or doesn't it load the skinning info?) Please help this ignorant child.

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