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[.net] use d3d Sprite to draw 2d problem

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recentely I begin to study the 2d game design with MDX I read the Tom Miller's <<MDX Kick Start>> I have make some change on the demo code. make the sprite can move by the user control (use the Ditect input)~ the code work correct. but wehen i change the sprite texture spriteTexture = TextureLoader.FromFile(device, @"..\..\sprite.tga"); and the sprite size private const int NumberSpritesRow = 4; private const int NumberSpritesCol = 3; private const int SpriteSizeWidth = 24; private const int SpriteSizeHeight = 32; the code can compile and run but the sprite is wrong the background is not transparence and the sprite size is wrong but when i chaeck the code ican not find some error please help me ~ thx the use original texture project is here and the change textture project is here

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