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invest in my country

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Cheap labor. Abundant talents - from graphic artists to arrangers to 3D modellers and other IT related jobs. We own a building here. I'm wondering if someone reading this might be interested to invest a few thousand dollars. I'm willing to run a business here for you where you guys can get to outsource some of the jobs here. I'll take care of the operation of the company from starting the company to buying the necessary equipments, hiring people to managing the employees, from getting the job done to delivering on time and taking care of all the legal business issues here. a little background of myself - i used to be active on these forums before back on college. That's some 2 years ago. I'm a software developer myself and I have a background how games are created. I can spot good programmers, graphic artists, 3d modelers and accountants. And i know how to handle people here in my country. Let me know should anyone be interested.

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