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Data manipulation

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Hi I've been rendering 2D rects, storing them once in a vertex buffer, and doing transformations using matrices. Now, i'm implementing a collision detection system between those rects, and i came up with a problem: How to acess transformed data? I though about many possibilities, but dont know wich is the better to use, or if there is any better then those: - I read each frame the vertex buffer, and then transform it myself by the matrices to get the transformed rect - I do the transformations myself, check for collisions, and then write data to buffers - or I should not be accessing the buffer each frame, so i keep a copy of the vertices, and apply them the matrice? Wich aproach is the best one, if any of these? thanks [Edited by - Hiewk on July 9, 2005 12:06:42 PM]

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