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Unwise owl

Your Preference in Turn Layouts

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I am discussing turn based strategy games here. My questions are: - How long do you think the length of an *ideal* turn in such a game is? Is there one at all? Myself I find extremely long turns in monster games such as War in the Pacific to kill my interest in the game; the balance between action and response becomes boring. On the other hand, very short turns leaves the feeling each turn is unimportant, or alternatively, I feel powerless when the action does not stop to allow me to input new orders. (If the time between turns displays some sort of feedback of the game state like Combat Mission). - How do you prefer to play your turns? I tend to like something that I saw in Space Empires 3: A log of all important events during the turn, and then do all necessary micromanagement by checking off each item on that list. After that, I would just look around and plan, while carrying out orders whenever I felt to. (This is in my opinion the more fun part than the micromanagment.) Either way, I don't want to micromanage stuff without a log guiding me. - I am currently thinking a lot about what can be done to minimize the "imperial growth micromanagement problem". Building big entities in some strategy games becomes tedious due to the micromanagement level per unit remaining proportional, while making early turns too quick and empty when the empire is small. I guess one should try to achieve the time spent on each turn as of function of the turn number be somewhat logarithmic. The question is how to achieve this... Seems I ran out of more questions. :) Feel free to discuss... It will be interesting to read.

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