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Okay, I know this isn't really game related. But I've been interested in this topic for a while. I've been searching on Google for a bit and really haven't found anything except other software packages that create screensavers. Now I found some information that sheds a little more light on the subject but still not enough. I don't know how to export function that are not in a DLL. If they were, I would just use __declspec( dllexport ), ,but I can't because it's not a DLL. I figured that finding out how to export shouldn't be hard. But how are the screensavers made? I mean, what needs to be and what doesn't.

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Hey Kazgoroth, have you made you're own screensaver before? The links you have me helped a lot. I even rated you up for it.

I made my own implementation from the tutorials. I'm using Direct3D 9 and it's working quite well. I'm wondering how I can improve the animation with the WM_TIMER. Is there a way to over come this event processing?

So far, I have the entire application broken down into several files that makes it easy ot work with.

StdAfx.h // Global interface and implementation files
StdAfx.cpp // Used for included and linkage, also defines some macros

Simple.h // Screensaver interface and implementation files
Simple.cpp // The message procedures & dialog registration

Render.h // Direct3D's interface & implemenation
Render.cpp // Defines basic initialization and shutdown

Output.cpp // Screensaver animation / drawing

Resource.h // Needed resources for the application
Simple.rc // Dialogs, strings, icons & manifest

As you can see I got it pretty good (I think any ways). Direct3D works, yet I don't know how fast. I haven't timed it, but I have been adjusting things to set it up correctly. I'm trying to make it not use so much hardware as a game would. It's just a simple screensaver so I don't want to over do things.

Next step, is to write Config.h/Config.cpp that are interfaces & implementations to either an XML parser or Win32 registry for saving the user's configurations from the dialog. I wanted these implementations to be separate from the dialog procedure because they are going to be huge and will have multiple functions for loading and saving.

So far I think I'm doing pretty good. I wish there was an Screensaver wizard included with VS.NET! That would have maded things a lot easier, perhaps I can make one.

Thanks again :D

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Sorry, I've only written a screensaver once, and that was actually in VB6 - I've recently been thinking about making some decent ones using C++ but havn't gotten around to it yet, so I can't really help you out with the details atm. Your design sounds pretty decent though.

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