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Some Problems about Writing a RPG Game.

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Hi,men... Recently,I am about to write a pc video game,it will be a RPG...When I wanna write the actual code, but some detail problems about the game's structure and framework puzzled me for a long time,so I have to post that here and "beg" for some helps . First,I will place the thought(or call it "steps") in my coming RPG game as the following,the goal is ask you to point out the wrong or missing stuff(if any) within it(oh,BTW,I will code it using MS DirectX 7):
1)yep,of course,I will prepare all the pictures/drawings  required in the game,such as the maps,characters,
  effect pics,houses,trees,etc,these will be come from the other games or drawing myself;
2)I will write a program to process the above pictures/drawings(or call it "Map Editor"),the function of the
  program mainly will be create the picture file-format used in the game,and then read the picture data(the original
  picture format is BMP,each picture stored in one .BMP file) into the file,that is,all the pictures will be stored in
  one file,also the program will provide some functions to read out one specificing picture from the file into 
  a DirectDraw surface of the system memory;
3)Till here,the prepare work is done.It is time to code the actual game,yep,like the most games,I will divide my game
  into three main parts--the 1st one is initialize the game,including initialize the apps,DirectX,and the other related
  stuffs;the 2nd one is the primary body of the game--enter the game loop,handle the user-input(using DirectInput),
  perform the game's logic,update the screen,etc.;the last(3rd) part is do some process required while the player 
  want to exit the game,such as release the memory blocks and the other related stuff.
And what puzzled me really is that:
1)How can I organize and utilize the X-surfaces(X will be primary,back and offscreen) in DirectDraw to store these
 pictures used in the game? 
2)What is the best & easiest way to implement the Load/Save feature in my game? that is,the player can SAVE current
 game or LOAD any saved game in ANY time he/she want. 
Dear friends,can you help me out? if yes,please tell me,in additional,can you explain them for some details? show some c/c++ code prefer!! Any help will be much appreciate!!
"Writing game,create world; Playing game,manage world!" 
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Your absolutely right when you say you gotta do some planning when it comes to building a game. Ive spent a couple months researching tecniques on how to start to make an RPG...there is a LOT of stuff you need to consider and you are pretty vague on some basics of the style of game and your experience.

a) Is this your first game to program?
b) Since you mention directX it sounds like you know some things about it...if u dont have it ...i highly suggest buying the book "windows game programming by andre lamothe" because you need some kind of reference besides a message board.
c) And this is important..what kind of look are you going for? 2D or 3D? You havnt even mentioned which and that scares me...

I am really concerned about you asking how to best save/load a game when you got a shit load err..i mean a hundred other things to worry about.

As you can see....your post is lacking some fundamental ideas of what your shooting for..so let me also suggest, IF your gonna do it in 2D..
- go to the IsometricLand forumn and read up on stuff their!!
- research the possible styles of programming your map if your gonna go 2D: Tile-based or Isometric-based!!
- go to the Tile-based/Isometric programming section on gameDev if you intend to go 2D and read those!!!
- and basically do your homework on what issues you should start out on.

And if you want 3D...then you''ll have to get help elsewhere i think since my RPG design is a Tile-based and i dont wanna deal with 3D crap right now.

As you can see...asking how to load/save a game is pretty much a joke when compared to how are u gonna build your map structure, how will objects be represented in your map, sprites/animation, etc, etc, etc...sheww! last thing on my list is the first thing you are worried about..haha.
So good luck and research and read and write and design and code.

aka John M.
Never give up. Never surrender!

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An RPG is a difficult genre. A good RPG is every bit as difficult as a good novel and in many ways more difficult because it is interactive. I would suggest trying a simplier genre the first time out. Classic board or video games make a good place to learn. If you really want to do an RPG then you need to develop a story, a setting for that story and a role for the player in that story. The best way to do that is to do a text RPG first and add graphics later to support it. The graphics is a very small part of an RPG. Your editor will have to do far more than just concatenate bitmaps into a single file. That is true with any game, but an RPG takes it to extremes.

That said the best way to learn what you don''t know is to try it. Don''t try writing the entire game and then running it. Get it to do whatever you think the most basic task is and then try it. Then when you have it working add to it. You may hit a point where you realize that you would be better off starting over, but that isn''t a waste because you gained experience and understanding you didn''t have before.

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I was working on a RPG in QB a long time ago. For a save game feature, I simply recorded all the necessary variables (hp, mp, str, xpos, ypos, etc...) into a text file. What overwhelmed me was the sheer number of graphics that have to be created for a RPG! I''m going to try again, though, as soon as I learn DirectX ANd IMO, go plain tile based (square). Iso looks cooler but even normal square tiles are a handful.

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