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I am creating game engine and basing it on engine from 'OpenGL game programming' ( I've created couple files, and they all compiled nicely. Now I created camera.h and object.h and i'm stuck. The error i get: error: variable or field 'OnDraw' declared void error: 'OnDraw' declared as a 'virtual' field error: expected ';' before '(' token and the function is here: // draws object for given camera location virtual void OnDraw(CCamera *camera) {} i noticed that it is prolly because the CCamera class from camera header is included after object header. i tried switching places. however, in camera.h, there are fields calling CObject class from object.h file, like: void LookAt(CObject *object); // camera rotates to look at object so it gives me same errors, just for different file :S i'm compiling it in g++. i am totally stumped. could anybody help me? will be very grateful, thanks in advance.

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