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Ipicture transparecy problem

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Hello, I have a Win32 project that uses the IPicture class. Here is how I load the picture: OleLoadPicturePath (path, 0, 0, 0x00ffffff, IID_IPicture, (LPVOID *) &pic); everything is fine accept this: the 4th parameter in that function is the color that should be transparent when rendering but it doesn't work. I have a totally white picture and still it draws it. I read in MSDN that only Metafiles and icons can be transparent but even when i made an icon picture it still wasn't transparent. I also confirmed that the picture had the transparent attribute using pic->Get_Attributes (); 1) Why don't even the icons work? 2) Isn't there a way to use jpeg or bmp as transparent too? 3) How at all can I draw fast on the window in a transparent way without PutPixel. BitBlt doesn't have an option to draw transparent. But for example TextOut can draw text in a transparent way if i call SetBkMode (hdcMem, TRANSPARENT); If BitBlt automatically draws transparent after I called that function, how to say which color is transparent?

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