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Event Delay During DirectDraw Flip

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I haven''t spent a great deal of time investigating this problem, but I thought I might save myself a headache if someone here already knows about it. Without going into detail about my program, I''ll say that there''s about a one second delay for all events. It only happens in windowed mode, not in fullscreen mode. I''ve tracked it down to the portion of the code that displays the backbuffer. My guess is that it works properly in fullscreen mode because it''s flipping instead of blitting. However, I get roughly the same framerate in both modes, even though everything happens slower in windowed mode. Everything from keypresses to dragging the window by the titlebar is delayed. Windows events and DirectInput keypresses are both delayed. Has anyone seen anything like this before?

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I''ve seen this on some machines here. When in windowed mode, there is no vertical retrace to wait for. Instead, the blit happens immediately. This usually results in about 500-1000 blits per second.

Implement a frame rate limiter that only blits when it is time to show the back buffer. If it is not time to blit, then keep on processing messages.

Steve ''Sly'' Williams
Tools Developer
Krome Studios

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