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Multitexture/Mesh/Triangle Questions ideas..

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I just need to make sure im thinking of this correctly.. Lets say i want to create a sort of terrain.. and i want each that follows this kind of format: Use your imagination ;p Set of 2 triangles like this ------------- ! \ ! ! \ ! ! \ ! is mapped with an bitmap..(or more..) ! \ ! ! \ ! ! \ ! ------------- Well.. i was thinking that i could create this by doing a single mesh right.. These are some question s i have about meshing.. 1. All mesh will use the same texture(up to 8 for multitexturing)? 2. Each triangle in the mesh will have the same effect? 3. You cannot change the texture used in the mesh withough changing all textures? I know there are ways to get around 1 and 3, by making grouped together textures.. but is this feasible? Now this leads me to the question that am i goin to want to make possible so that i could use multiple effects.. meshes for every 2 triangles.. this would allow new sorts of effects to be used for every set right? Is this feasible? I know multiple calls on a drawprimitive will slow things conciderably.. correct? (seem everything i know.. i dont) Either way.. i would like each square to be able to define if there is 1..4 textures used.. for blending.. and how they are supposed to be layered/blended.. this almost has to have many different primitives drawn? And finally.. lets say i want to blend one side of a texture onto another texture.. This wouldnt be a full blend like you normally would think.. but more of like.. think about blending a snow texture onto grass.. you would want it to be gradual.. Just for some background info i am working in Directx8. Thanks, Russ Hanson

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