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couple of questions

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Howdy all. Ive been writing a little 2d engine for a while now. Just wondering a few questions. Its all in windows using dx8 and c++. Recently i dled the dx9 update and now i cant get my app to run in release mode. It links with the d3d9 librarys or something. im using #pragma comment(lib, "d3dx8.lib") to link i really cant figure it out so any help would be appreciated. Second question. Im using the Z buffer to control my Z's. I have a big vector of vertices and i flush everytime my Z changes thought my graphics.SetZ() or it goes over a certian size( something like 800). I dont change my z much so it seems to be good and i am doing some batching. Thing is i want to be able to have an overlay mode. meaning if i draw thing A then draw thing B, B will be on top of A. Well when i try it with batching and all the Z's are set to 0 it seems to have a random draw order. I was thinking of incrimenting my Z every draw call but then my graphics.SetZ() is meaningless. Is their a way to batch my vertices and do overlay drawing mixed with Z drawing. anyone had this issue and have a clean solution ? Thanks Raymond

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