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vilsin    181
I am looking for abstract opposites that have neither a truly positive nor negative connotation, but still mean a lot to a person. Example: Life and Death. Both are very neutral but have a powerful meaning and both are intangible ideas. Thanks in advance.

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wildhalcyon    149
I dont really see how Life and Death are "very neutral", although Im sure one could argue that way if they wanted to. In general life=positive, death=negative for most symbolism - unless you're in an Anne Rice novel, in which case anything goes...

Here's a couple that may or may not work for whatever you're looking for:

Knowledge v. Ignorance (hmm.. okay.. again, not so neutral)
Feral v. Tame (a little more neutral...)
Vocal v. Tacit (neutral, but... abstract?)
exotic/esoteric v. familiar/common (abstract AND mostly neutral)

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