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Sledge Hammer Productions

3d application plugins

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This thread is being made to offer users some insight to new plugins made by the forum community for various 2d,3d applications or engines. This could include exporters, importers, lighting, raytracing, scene exporters and special plugins that I have not mentioned. I think this thread could offer a huge amount of support for everyone. Requirements: To meet the criteria, you must submit a link to a fully functional plugin that is free of errors that are known. All plugins require you to list the program it was intended for, as well as information on the proper way to install it. Detailed instructions on how to use the plugin would be a bonus also. Thank you to those who contribute to the cause. Freeware Plugins Silo Format Tools for 3dsmax More links pending Plugins requiring payment to use The Mapper 25$ Caligari gameSpace/trueSpace More links pending [Edited by - Sledge Hammer Productions on July 25, 2005 2:09:26 PM]

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Prozak    898
Original post by Sledge Hammer Productions
Surely there are some plugins out there that you wish to share...........These can also include engine specific plugins.

Explain something to me please.

My engine is going to support the importing and exporting of several formats.
Basicly, a format is imported and translated into the engine's internal format.

It's the exporter's job then to grab the internal format data, and construct the export file, with the apropriate internal format.

The side effect here is that any file format the engine can import, it can then export into other formats, as long as there is a registered exporter, converting this part of the engine into a "free" 3D File format converter.

I'll soon be puting up tutorials on how to write importer and exporter plugins for the engine, so I would like to know if this is the kind of project that qualifies for your thread?

My Engine's Wiki page: Colibri 3D.

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Kwizatz    1392
Mine Mine Mine!!!!!11111oneonetwo

The Mapper
Intended for: Caligari gameSpace/trueSpace
Type: Half Life, Torque MAP and 3D GameStudio WMP Exporter Plugin.

License: Shareware (free for 30 days, $25 forever)

Instalation: Download Installer, run installer, press NEXT several times, load gameSpace and use the connect plugin button to load it up.

Use: Create a level using only convex objects, texturing with the provided texturing function, and export, it supports creating entities for the Torque Game Engine, as well as Half Life, but is mostly used by Torque and 3D Game Studio Users.

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Great plugins fellas. Keep em coming.

In reference to your inquiry Prozak. All plugins are wanted. There are no limits as to what it could be used for or what program it is intended to be used with. At first, I thought 2 and 3d software should be the focus, but I must not dismiss the fact that engines are just as important to both aspects. If you have converters or any other form of plugin, post away as long as it relates to visual arts. :P

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