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Terrain problem

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Hi ! I'm having a strange problem in my implementation of geomipmapping in managed directx. I'm breaking the terrain in sections, and using quadtree based frustum culling. I have one vertex buffer and multiple index buffer's per section (for the diferent levels of detail). For some reason when diferent colors are applied to diferent sections, a lot of popping is ocurring, my "moutains" even disapeear when i move the camera in certain directions. This only happens when i use different colors for each of the sections, and when i apply lighting. If i use only one color for the grid this doesn't happen. Currently the frustum culling and the geomipmapping algorithm are turned off, and the problem is still ocurring, so i think that this is related somehow with the way i have implemented the division in sectors... Tnks for any help... Ps: I can post or send the source code (it's in Visual Studio 2005 and in C# 2.0 but it's fairly easy to convert to 2003) if requested... [Edited by - i24021 on July 18, 2005 6:23:22 AM]

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Ok i have discovered the problem. I was something related to an older video card that i'm using in my laptop. In my desktop this problem doesn't happen. But know i have a different problem. I can clearly see the separation between sectors, witch is natural when the geomipmapping is turned on (because i have not resolved the T-Junction problem) but not normal when i turn it off.

So i have converted the project to VS .NET 2003, stripping some features (mainly a form that permits the configuration of the terrain) and i have uploaded it to this location :

A image of the problem can be seen here : http://img350.imageshack.us/img350/9346/terrain2be.jpg

I have some controls in the screen to enable or disable geomipmapping and to control frustum culling. The rawfile is loaded and the configuration is done in the EngineHost class in this piece of code :

#region Creation
/// <summary>Create a new instance of the class</summary>
public EngineHost(Framework f)
// Store framework
sampleFramework = f;
// Create dialogs
hud = new Dialog(sampleFramework);
ui = new Dialog(sampleFramework);

heightMap = new RawHeightmap(@"..\..\curvy256.raw");
worldExtents = new Rect3d(0.0f, 6000.0f, 0.0f, 1500.0f, 0.0f, 6000.0f);
shift = 4;

Tnks for any help.

[Edited by - i24021 on July 18, 2005 8:07:28 AM]

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