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seeking OSX user with some time to kill

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I'm about to release an open source, cross-platform library, and I'd really like someone to test compilation on OSX for me before I release it. It shouldn't be a problem, but it does use a fair number of libraries that you'd need to have ready. Language: C++ Libraries: OpenGL, GLFW, Freetype, Corona, OpenAL, PhysFS, boost Compilers: GCC 3.4 and 4.0 Build System: scons It compiles error/warning free with -Wall and -pedantic, so it shouldn't be any actual work to port I'd like someone on OSX to at least test compilation of it and the tests. I'm fairly sure that it will work without a problem (it does from Windows<-->Linux). If you're interested in helping out an open source game library project (yes I'd credit you) I'd really appreciate it. If you'd be able to actually help me package releases for OSX that'd be great too, but not a necessity. All I want is someone who can occassionally let me know if everything still compiles/runs OK on OSX. Please help me out here, you'll be helping your fellow OSX users develop cool games as well as non-OSX users develop games that can be compiled for OSX. If you respond I'll get in touch with you and send you an archive of the code and build files. (If you know someone who might be interested but doesn't come around here please ask them.)

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