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Why does this code work?

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static unsigned int	nMod	= 1;


if(m_Object.m_fTime >= m_Object.m_fDelay)
	m_Object.m_fTime = 0.0f;
	m_nCurrentFrame += nMod;
	if(m_nCurrentFrame == m_nFrameCount)
			nMod = -1;
	if(m_nCurrentFrame == 0)
		nMod = 1;

Why does this code work perfectly? Should "nMod = -1;" set it to some huge number (I don't know it off hand.) It worked perfectly, but IIRC it shouldn't. I was just wondering. Thanks!

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Because you generate a carry bit.
Or more clear:

lets say you work modolo 10
then -1 mod 10 = 9;

so you can subtract with -1.

lets say you want (5 - 1) mod 10
then you could also write
(5 + 9) = 14
14 mod 10 = 4 which is the same as (5 - 1) = 4 [mod 10]

hope this helps

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