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Win32 File Open/Save Dialog Weirdness

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Hello All! Im getting some weird issues with open/save file dialogs in Win32. I create/load my resources from my base path. For example to create a log file when running I would call fopen( "event.log", "w");. As you can see I dont include the full path. Now I need to save/open files in my program. The problem is not opening but saving. If I call GetOpenFileName() all works fine. If I call GetSaveFileName() its like my entire 'program base path' changes to the path where I save my files. For example the log I just created above gets moved to this new path as soon as I click ok. I ZeroMemory() OPENFILENAME structures before use. I checked the following: HINSTANCE's, HWND's, FILE NAME STRING BUFFERS, BUFFER SIZES, etc... I declare these structures in C++ method scope, they arn't being passed as arguments.

wchar_t world_name[ MAX_PATH ] = "";

/* Before we can create the world we need to save it's file for the first time */
/* Setup open file structure */
ZeroMemory( &sfn, sizeof(sfn) );
sfn.hInstance = GetModuleHandle(0);
sfn.lStructSize = sizeof(sfn);
sfn.hwndOwner = window_get_handle();
sfn.lpstrFile = world_name;
sfn.nMaxFile = sizeof(world_name) / sizeof(wchar_t);
sfn.lpstrFilter = L"World\0*.wsf\0";
sfn.lpstrFileTitle = 0;
sfn.nMaxFileTitle = 0;
sfn.lpstrTitle = L"Save Created World As...";

/* Create and show the 'save file' dialog */
if ( ! GetSaveFileName( &sfn ) )
/* World creation aborted because user did not click ok when saving the file */
    return false;

I dont know why its doing this! Please help!

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There could be an implicit call to SetCurrentDirectory in the GetSaveFilename function.... It's not documented but the MSDN does have one or two omissions here and there [grin]

Try calling GetCurrentDirectory before and after the call... if it changes then you know this is the problem... and you should be able to remedy it fairly easily.

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Sandman, thank you very much! You are right!

I checked it before and after the call. Afterwards it was set to the save file path and no longer the path the program resides in.

Thanks Alot for the help!

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