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FPS Counter

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Or use something like this (This will show up in the title bar of the window):

//Calculate Framerate::
void CalculateFrameRate()
static float framesPerSecond = 0.0f;
static float lastTime = 0.0f;
float currentTime = GetTickCount()*0.001f;
if( currentTime - lastTime > 1.0f )
lastTime = currentTime;
sprintf(strFrameRate, "Program Title | FPS: %d", int(framesPerSecond));
SetWindowText(hwnd, strFrameRate);
//Display in Game
framesPerSecond = 0;

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using QueryPerformanceFrequency() and QueryPerformanceCounter() declared as a LONG_INTEGER in direct x is a way, the long integer is used as you may be dealing with a lot of numbers

then you would need something like

Delta.QuadPart = Timer.QuadPart - LastQuery.QuadPart;
LastQuery.QuadPart = Timer.QuadPart;

then a getfucntion could be called which divides the resulting delta and freq quad parts

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Thanks for the help. Here is what I've come up with:

#define FPSUPDATETIME 50 // Number of ms until FPS is updated

DWORD StartTime = 0;
DWORD DeltaTime = 0;
DWORD LastTime = 0;
DWORD FPS_Time = 0;
DWORD FPS_Frames = 0;
DWORD FPS_FinalFrames = 0;

// Setup RTS
StartTime = GetTickCount();
DeltaTime = StartTime - LastTime;

if(DeltaTime > SAFETIME)
DeltaTime = SAFETIME;

LastTime = StartTime;

// Calculate FPS
FPS_Time += DeltaTime;

FPS_FinalFrames = FPS_Frames * (1000 / FPSUPDATETIME);
FPS_Frames = 0;

/* Display FPS_FinalFrames here */

/* Perform other game-related processes below this */

How's it look? The timer seems to be extremely innaccurate at a 50ms update time.

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