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GUI for a noob

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Hi guys, this is my first post and I figured this would be a good place to get some answers about GUIs. I am a comp sci student who has worked mostly in C++, plus a little C and Java. C++ is the language I am most familiar with, and the language I will be working with on my project. I am working on writing my own game, but until now, the only thing I have written are console apps. I want to create a 2D GUI for a text based sports game, but am not sure where to begin. Some screenshots of the best example of what I am looking to do can be found here. Would OpenGL be the best for a project like this, or should I look for something else?

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Original post by Mr_Goodwrench120
If you are going to learn OpenGL you might as well make 3D graphics in your game.

Yeah, why don't you just add soft shadows and a lighting system that will blow away doom3?</sarcasm> Let him try something he can actually finish.

Now, for my real answer...
Yes, OpenGL will be perfect...and there are plenty of libraries available that you can use for your GUI. Crazy Eddie's GUI is highly recommended.

Also, if you have experience with Java, Swing can be very good to build a GUI with (it is what I use to build my tools).

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