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Story time span

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Greetings, I've been kicking around my story for a while now (several years), and I wanted some feedback on the timeline aspect of it. Would it be an interesting premise, and could it be properly adapted to a game? If this belongs in another forum, I appologize in advance. The story itself begins at the beginning of time. However, the reader/player picks up in an early Age, without a true knowledge of the past. The part of the story that the reader/player takes part in is spanned over 3 Ages (think: medieval, renaissance, and near-future). This happens, for the sake of keeping this post simple, via reincarnation. As the events that main characters in the 3 Ages take part in are rather epic, the final outcome of the story will depend on what the characters have done by the end of each of the 3 Ages. Throughout each age, the reader/player discovers more and more of the true history before the first Age, while at the same time having to struggle with known history being re-written (For example, in Age 3, there could be a cult founded due to an event that the characters took part in in Age 1, but what the cult stands for has nothing to do with the actual event). The final outcome of the story, (which ending will be played) depends on how much the characters discovered and what they did because of it; how close they came to the truth (or what they thought was the truth). I have the details that fill in the story, what I'm looking for is feedback on the idea of having 3 distinct chapters in the story, with different (and yet really the same) main characters. Could it keep your interest in the story to be in a different Age, with different plots, etc? The reader/player would know that the different Ages are somehow linked in an overall larger story, and yet each age has its own story, plot, conflict, resolution(s). Would it be too much? Thanks for your replies.

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