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Interesting Dave

Cash for Art Program

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S2Games have started a program to out source their art content requirements for their next big project to anyone with the talent to create the type of art assets they're looking for. Check it out here - s2's mercs
Jesse Hayes (COO of S2Games): I've set this site up as a way to organize and control our outsourcing requirements. The Cash for Art program is open to anyone who has access to these forums. You can find out easily what art assets we are looking for at any given time. If you see something you think you can create feel free give it a shot. If it meets our standards and needs we'll pay you for it. If not well, what can i say practice makes perfect. If you create something we like, we'll name our price. The S2 Cash for Art Program is a great way for both new 3dartists to get their foot in the door and for seasoned professionals to make a little extra cash.

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