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GBA :: devkitARM :: makefiles! i need help please

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I have a 2 parter... Part 1: I do not understand exactly how this makefile works...
# === Project details (add your own stuff here) ===
PROJ    := foo


LIBS    :=
COBJS   := $(PROJ).o
SOBJS   :=
OBJS    := $(COBJS) $(SOBJS)

# --- boot type ---
MB = 0
ifeq ($(MB),1)
EXT     := mb.gba
SPECS   := -specs=gba_mb.specs
EXT     := gba
SPECS   := -specs=gba.specs

# --- Compiling ---
CROSS:= arm-elf-
AS= $(CROSS)as
CC= $(CROSS)gcc
LD= $(CROSS)gcc
OBJCOPY= $(CROSS)objcopy

MODEL   := -mthumb-interwork -mthumb
CBASE   := $(INCLUDE) -O2 -Wall -mthumb-interwork

ASFLAGS := -mthumb-interwork
CFLAGS  := $(CBASE) -mthumb
LDFLAGS := $(SPECS) $(MODEL) $(LIBPATHS) $(LIBS)  -Wl,-Map,$(PROJ).map

# === Building steps ===
build: $(PROJ).$(EXT)

# --- convert to binary ---
$(PROJ).$(EXT) : $(PROJ).elf
   @$(OBJCOPY) -v -O binary $< $@
   -@gbafix $@

# --- link ---
$(PROJ).elf : $(OBJS)
   $(LD) $(OBJS) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@

# --- compile ---
$(COBJS) : %.o : %.c
   $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $< -o $@

# === Clean ===
.PHONY : clean
clean :
   @rm -fv $(OBJS)
   @rm -fv $(PROJ).$(EXT)
   @rm -fv $(PROJ).elf


Now my question's are, how does this file know where to find the tools that i have stored on my computer..? like can it find gcc all by itself? If not, all my tools are in... /Developer/GameBoy\ Advance/devkitARM /Developer/GameBoy\ Advance/libgba In what section would i put that path into the makefile to get a good compile? Part 2: How can i make sure that the ANSI C std libs are makeing it in at link time? Do i have to compile these libs as well? Because I know if i use vHAM for GBA Developemnt, i can use stdlib.h just fine, but when i tried it under devkitAdvance <old> it couldnt find the functions at link time. THANKS VERY MUCH Justin Walsh

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I'm assuming you're using Windows.

The make utility finds your compiler because you either a) put it's path in the path environment variable (which is a global list of paths the system searches when no path is given and the file doesn't exist in the current directory... in case you didn't know) or b) invoke it in your makefile using an absolute path.

Standard libs are placed on the line marked 'LIBS :='. Consult the GCC manual on how to specify lib named to the linker, e.g. -lm for the math library.

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So in the example make file baove would i just put in the full path i these lines...

CROSS:= arm-elf-
AS= $(CROSS)as
CC= $(CROSS)gcc
LD= $(CROSS)gcc
OBJCOPY= $(CROSS)objcopy

and make it something like...

PATH:= /Developer/GameBoy\ Advance/devkitARM/
CROSS:= arm-elf-
CC= $(PATH)$(CROSS)gcc
LD= $(PATH)$(CROSS)gcc

would that be correct?

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