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Floating point fun

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I just spent several laborious hours debugging some rotation code I wrote. I must have gone over my algorithm 5000 times during this span, unable to figure out what was wrong. I'm trying to make a boxing game with very little knowledge of math. Anyway I was trying to get the boxers to rotate so that they remain facing each other as they move around the ring. It worked for the most part but at a certain point the rotation would go nutty on me and the boxer would rotate the longer way to get to the same place. After all my second guessing of my math code etc it turns out the problem was I was ignorantly comparing two floating point values for equality and getting inconsistent results, screwing things up. Doh! This is my first real attempt at anything 3D and I guess I forgot about floating point issues. This is my pointless celebration thread. Feel free to post any similar pointless rants.

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