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Public launch of my hxRender library and site.

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Well, here it is, the link is in the signature. For those of you not familiar with hxRender, it is a high performance 2D graphics library built on top of OpenGL. In this latest version, it supports an unlimited ammount of surfaces of nearly unlimited size. Unlimited ofcourse represents the capabilites of your machine. As of right now, all known bugs are eliminated. I know there are probably more bugs, but for now all the ones I know of are removed. There isn't much for content on the site right now, but I do have the library, the source code, and API documentation. This should be enough to get anybody started, but I am also going to add some tutorials to jumpstart the process. For right now I only have an SDL context interface, but I plan on writing an interface for GLFW and GLUT. I will also be making a tutorial on creating one yourself by inheriting the hxContext base class. Another add-on I am planning to write is an image factory based over OpenIL. Hopefully that will add some more flexibility to the system. HxRender is not for everybody though. It is only for those who have outgrown the limmited blitting options supported by SDL, and find the SDL_GFX library inadquate, or who can't be arsed to write their own OpenGL 2D rendering components. There are plenty of parts that could be optimized on a per game basis, but this fits the general coder's rendering needs fairly well. This is not a good library for somebody doing lots of per-pixel manipulations. Although it is possible, it is not very fast. Features: -Alpha Blending (per surface and per pixel) -Scaling and Rotating -Images larger than the typical graphics cards constraints. -Non Power of 2 texture handling. Requirements: -Lowest tested working card is a Radeon 7000 64mb. For some, this will be just another library, for others, this will be a godsend. Thanks for reading this. I should go to bed now or something.

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