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Mark Duffill

OpenGL OpenGl Screensavers ATI and duel screens

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Right, I'm writting a screensaver in OpenGl, which at first was written as a normal Win32 application for development reasons. I then converted it to a screensaver so that it has a ScreenSaverProc and alike as described here, Now the resulting app.scr works fine on nVidia gfx cards with one or two monitors, however on an ATI machine (duel monitors) with latest drivers its crawls along at 1-2fps. The curious thing is that if I run the winmain development version, which has exactly the same setup and draw code, it runs at the expected frame rate of (30-60fps). So has anyone any ideas as to why this is happening? I though perhaps its possbily one of the following reasons: * The screensaver version is not getting hardware accellerated. * Since the screensaver version does not have a message pump (windows does that for you), thus using timers for the draw push event, the message pump and/or timer is not working correctly. Note: the pcs are all windows 2000, latest service packs and near latest gfx cards. Also other Opengl screensavers (pipes/fireworks etc) run fine on all machines.

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