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light reflections when color is given by vertex??!

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Moin, I've one question: If I use the material to set the color properties of the surfacae there is the power option to affect the surface reflection behaviour. And when I now want to render a multi-colored surface by setting the surface color in the vertex how can I now affect the power option? The material setting has no effect! Do somebody have any suggestion?

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I'm not sure if I understand your question, but just to clarify -- Power specifies the sharpness of specular highlights on a surface. The higher the value, the sharper the highlights. So if you don't have a visible specular color being reflected, specular lighting isn't enabled (D3DRS_SPECULARENABLE must be true), or your light doesn't emmit the appropriate specular color, it won't work. Other than that, I'm not sure if I understand what you're asking :)

EDIT: Also, this may have been what you were asking: you cannot use diffuse vertex colors along with D3D Lighting. When using the fixed function pipeline lights, D3D computes a color for every vertex based on the materials, light sources set, and orientation of the surface.

But, I think you can specify where to get the different material colors from if you want to use lighting. You can set some render states like DIFFUSEMATERIALSOURCE, SPECULARMATERIALSOURCE, etc. You can use it to override the material colors with vertex diffuse colors. For example, try setting the DIFFUSEMATERIALSOURCE render state to D3DMCS_COLOR1 -- the diffuse color should now be the first vertex color in your vertices. Remember to set the specular material source as well if you want to make use of the power option.

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What I want to do is, the the surface color not by the material but by the vertex:

private type d3dvertex
pos as d3dvector
normal as d3dvector
diffuseColor as long
specularColor as long
end type

end no I want to effect something like a power option, the material options have no effects. Or is that not possible?

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The material specular power settings should still be working. If you want to specify power per vertex however, you're going to have to use a shader, but I don't think that's what you're after.


Setting the above render states will tell D3D to use vertex diffuse for the diffuse portion of lighting, and keep using the material values for the remainder of lighting. Specular power always comes from materials.

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Hi Arri,
Further to kosmon_x' and Namethatnobodyelsetook's replys, "Power" affects specular refection. It needs to be used in conjunction with a specular color (in the material you are using)
AFAIK the material is only used if lighting is enabled (and you have lights).
if lighting is disabled the specular data is taken from the vertex data if available (again AFAIK).
if using lighting and materials the specular reflection is dependent on the specular color in the material and the power in the material (D3DMATERIAL9.Specular and D3DMATERIAL9.Power) and the lights position in relation to the vertex position/normal.
AFAIK if lighting is disabled, any material settings will not be used and a specular color in your vertex relates to "precomputed" specular lighting.

Also see this newsgroup archive


[Edited by - Cambo_frog on July 20, 2005 5:16:20 PM]

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