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DirectX 9.0c June 2005 Summer Update - Libraries Not Working?

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I have just recently downloaded the DirectX SDK for June 2005, however, when I compared the "d3dx9.lib" that I currently have (DirectX DevPak) with the new one, I found out that my current library's size was 207 KB while the new one's was only 86 KB. And due to this, whenever I try to compile with the libraries, I get linker errors (of course). I am using: Dev-C++, WindowsXP Home Edition Does this work properly for anyone using VC? If so, then why? NOTE: I mainly need the new ID3DXFont stuff. To be even more specific, D3DXFontCreateIndirect...

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Hi deadimp,
The latest SDK uses a dll for D3DX, whereas previously it was implemented as a static library.
d3dx9.lib in the latest SDKs will simply be an import library for the dll, hence the difference in size.
What specific linker errors are you getting?
I have never used Dev-C++ myself and I don't know if it is compatible with the latest SDK.
Maybe other Dev-C++ users can advise you?


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All of the errors are undefined references to functions. I do have the DLLs, d3dx9_26.dll and d3dx9d_26.dll.
I also have DEF files (definitions for MinGW) for d3dx9.def, and I've changed the DLL name so it would be correct, but nothing new comes of it.
I've found a MinGW FAQ where about MSVC DLLs (link), and I found these commands:
MinGW - Frequently Asked Questions
However, for __stdcall functions, the above method does not work. For MSVC will prefix an underscore to __stdcall functions while MinGW will not. The right way is to produce the DEF file using the pexports tool included in the mingw-utils package and filter off the first underscore by sed:

pexports testdll.dll | sed "s/^_//" > testdll.def

Then, when using dlltool to produce the import library, add `-U' to the command line:

dlltool -U -d testdll.def -l libtestdll.a

And now, you can proceed in the usual way:

gcc -o testmain testmain.c -L. -ltestdll

Hooray, we got it.

I've already tested out reimp, and it does produce a DEF file, but it still doesn't work... Does anyone know how to execute the commands in the quote using Windows? (Sorry, I'm not too big of a command line user, and I think this is for Linux)

EDIT: I figured out I have dlltool, but I don't have pexports. Does anyone know where I can find this?

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Well, I've finally found out how to do it, I did what they said (though using "sed" didn't work because CMD wouldn't recognize it), which produced "d3dx9d.def" (9 KB) and "libd3dx9d.a" (250 KB), but I still get the linker errors...

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