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optimising a game

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Are there good documents out there for optimizing game procedures, ie unrolling loops, more efficient ways to load stuff, etc. Also, tips from you would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, ProgrammingNerd

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Let me just say this: profile first.

Profile your engine/game before you begin to make optimizations. Find out which parts of your code are taking the longest amount of time so you know where to concentrate your optimization efforts.

The classic 80/20 rule applies to game development as well: 80% of the execution time of a game will be spent in 20% of the code. So it is to your advantage to optimize that 20% as much as possible. By the same token, it doesn't help you much to optimize code that will only be run 2% of the time or less, i.e. the performance gain you get will not be worth the time invested to achieve it; that time could be better spent elsewhere.

The DX SDK docs have a section on accurately profiling DirectX calls. As far as general code optimization techniques go, you might be able to find some references online. Using Google and searching for "C++ optimization techniques" returned a lot of good information.

I would also hardily recommend a couple of books if you're sincerely interested in writing reliable, high performance code. The books are Code Complete by Steve McConnel and Effective C++ by Scott Meyers (assuming your application is written in C++). These two books are pretty much required reading if you want to code high-performance applications in general, and specifically in C++.


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