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Mr Lane

[Solved] Segmentation Fault driving me mad!

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I try not to post bugs in forums, rather I try and use these to try and get concepts explained to me...but this is causeing me to get behind in my work. I cant work out what is wrong with the following: EDIT: for some reason -> is showing as -&
delete bb->indexArray;
bb->indexArray = NULL;
bb->indexArray = new int(NUM_INDICIES_CUBE);  // There are 24

int indicies[NUM_INDICIES_CUBE]= {0,1,2,3,0,2,1,3,4,5,6,7,4,6,5,7,0,4,1,5,2,6,3,7};

for(int i = 0; i < NUM_INDICIES_CUBE; i++)
    bb->indexArray = indicies;           //I believe seg fault is here
                                               //Does not happen if that line
                                               //Is commented out

And this attempt is no better:
	delete bb->indexArray;          //Clear existing mem
	bb->indexArray = NULL;          //Set pointer to NULL
	bb->indexArray = new int(NUM_INDICIES_CUBE);   //Assign new mem
	bb->indexArray[0] = 0;
 	bb->indexArray[1] = 1;
	bb->indexArray[2] = 2;
	bb->indexArray[3] = 3;
	bb->indexArray[4] = 0;
	bb->indexArray[5] = 2;
	bb->indexArray[6] = 1;
	bb->indexArray[7] = 3;
	bb->indexArray[8] = 4; 
	bb->indexArray[9] = 5; 
	bb->indexArray[10] = 6; 
	bb->indexArray[11] = 7; 
	bb->indexArray[12] = 4; 
	bb->indexArray[13] = 6;
	bb->indexArray[14] = 5;
	bb->indexArray[15] = 7;
	bb->indexArray[16] = 0;
	bb->indexArray[17] = 4;
	bb->indexArray[18] = 1;
	bb->indexArray[19] = 5;
	bb->indexArray[20] = 2;
	bb->indexArray[21] = 6;
	bb->indexArray[22] = 3;
	bb->indexArray[23] = 7;

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong here? Is there a better way to do this? Thanks in advance. [Edited by - Mr Lane on July 21, 2005 11:48:35 AM]

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I think here:

bb->indexArray = new int(NUM_INDICIES_CUBE); // There are 24

You want to be using [] instead of ()

bb->indexArray = new int[NUM_INDICIES_CUBE]; // There are 24

Or just switch to a std::vector.

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Well there you go. Fixed. Thanks.

Out of intrest, why did int() compile? Does it have some valid meaning?

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Yes, it means to create a single new int with a value equal to the argument, in this case 24. Similarly you can do new float(3.1415926535) to get a float on the heap with a value equal to 3.1415926535.

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