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DirectInput goes Yoda (solved)

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Ok, polling data works just fine... but... then I want to have buffered input from the keyboard... what does it give me? yoda! 0x80040207 The owner SID on a per-user subscription doesn't exist Come again? I looked at other peoples examples and they are next to identical. (Forgive my code for looking like Yoda but I hope you can understand eitherway)
IDirectInput8 *input;
IDirectInputDevice8 *keyboard;
DirectInput8Create(hInstance, DIRECTINPUT_VERSION, IID_IDirectInput8, (void**)&input, NULL);
input->CreateDevice(GUID_SysKeyboard, &keyboard, NULL);

keyboard->SetCooperativeLevel(hWnd, DISCL_FOREGROUND | DISCL_NONEXCLUSIVE);



dipdw.diph.dwSize = sizeof(DIPROPDWORD); 
dipdw.diph.dwHeaderSize = sizeof(DIPROPHEADER); 
dipdw.diph.dwObj = 0; 
dipdw.diph.dwHow = DIPH_DEVICE; 
dipdw.dwData = 10; 
keyboard->SetProperty(DIPROP_BUFFERSIZE, &dipdw.diph);

while(TRUE) {
    DWORD dwItems = 10; 

    // works
    keyboard->GetDeviceState(sizeof(char)*256, keybThis);
    // mumbo jumbo yoda return error
    keyboard->GetDeviceData(sizeof(DIDEVICEOBJECTDATA), rgdod, &dwItems, 0); 

(of course there are a lot more code in between but nothing that matters) But surely, such a return code doesn't really sound like DirectInput but some COM-related stuff microsoft invented just to piss random people off. Does anyone have the slighest idea to what could be wrong? [Edited by - Syranide on July 21, 2005 3:07:02 PM]

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What did any of that have to do with Yoda?

Anyways, DirectX (9) Error Lookup says:

HRESULT: 0x80040207 (2147746311)
Description: Attempted to read buffered device data from a device that is not buffered. & There is no common media type between these pins.
Severity code: Failed
Facility Code: FACILITY_ITF (4)
Error Code: 0x0207 (519)

Hopefully you will find that more helpful than the obviously screwy translation of the error code you have. Good luck...

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Oh, hehe, thought I could actually trust the internal interpreter in MSVC as it does pretty good with everything else.

Well, ok, than it's settled, a DirectInput error... however, why on earth can't I read buffered data from my keyboard then, isn't that something one should expect to be possible or am I out fishing?

EDIT: sorry, forget it, I misread the line saying SetProperty should be done after the device being acquired... but it really said shouldn't ;) So thanks mumpo

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