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SDL Mouse Input

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Hey I'm writing a 3D/FPS game engine, and I'm having this one annoying problem with mouse input handling. The game loop calls ProcessMouse() every frame to get mouse input via SDL_GetRelativeMouseState(), and it uses these values return to increase/decrease rotation/pitch. This works pretty well, but the issue is that when the program starts, the rotation/pitch seems to be somewhat random. When I disable the mouse input handling this is not an issue. Here's the applicable C source: Init:
SDL_WM_GrabInput(SDL_GRAB_ON);			// Take focus
SDL_ShowCursor(SDL_DISABLE);			// Hide mouse cursor
SDL_GetRelativeMouseState (NULL, NULL);		// Reset relative position

Per frame:
int ProcessMouse (void)
	int mx, my;
	Uint8 state;
	float sensitivity = 0.25;

	state = SDL_GetRelativeMouseState (&mx, &my);

	if (state & SDL_BUTTON (1)) { // Left mouse button pressed }
	if (state & SDL_BUTTON (2)) { // Middle mouse button pressed }
	if (state & SDL_BUTTON (3)) { // Right mouse button pressed }

	// Rotate camera based on mouse movement
	player01.angle.y -= mx * sensitivity;
	player01.angle.x -= my * sensitivity;

	// Clamp pitch value
	if (player01.angle.x < -90) { player01.angle.x = -90; }
	if (player01.angle.x > 90)	{ player01.angle.x = 90; }

	return (0);

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SDL_GetRelativeMouseState (&mx, &my) - this gives rather arbitrary values for the first time the program runs (I don't know what it subtracts current position from). Anyway, you could (but this is a very shabby workaround) do this:

bool first_time_running = true;

while (!done) // your game loop
// do stuff
if (!first_time_running)
// process mouse events

first_time_running = false;
/* first time has been run! you should get correct
mouse values now */

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Hey thanks for the reply! I was beginning to think no one on this forum knew what a mouse was. ;)

Anyway, yes this sounds like it could possibly work. I'm not a big fan of workarounds/hacks though, so I'm going to look into using SDL_GetMouseState() to calculate my own relative positions. Maybe that will work. Later.

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