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Advanced Image Interpolation

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Hey guys, I realize this is practically as bad as double posting, but I'll do it anyway: I've posted up a topic on here: With the title 2d Image Interpolation. I'm interested in Gamedev user's input as well, here's the original text: ---------- I realize this area is really geared toward 3d stuff, but I hoped to find a few people who have messed around with image interpolation. I'm playing with the idea of image resize and enhancement based off of (theoretically) multi-scale selfsimilarity (real life fractal qualities). I'm wanting to see if any research in this area has been done before. I see Genuine Fractals, which specializes in image interpolation, but it seems slightly more geared toward compression than exceptional quality. I also saw some rather interesting work in the project called 'image analogies' which greatly interested me. If you know what I'm talking about, have seen these projects, and know of any others, please point me to them so I can check them out (no. I'm not trying to steal ideas/code, people don't steal code when you're working on this sort of stuff for a hobby. I want to make sure what I'm trying to do hasn't been done before, and to get ideas to improve it, based off of hybrids of others works.) I hope to create image interpolation + additional details based off of only the source image. The quality should be ~as accurate as the base interpolation method (just bicubic/spine right now) but allow for greater, realistic visual detail (think Genuine Fractals, but with a lean toward actual real-life source-image detail, instead of a "fractal" look) Thanks in advance (if I ever finish the project, I'll post some pics) -michael g. edit: added link, changed title [Edited by - Thr33d on July 22, 2005 11:09:29 AM]

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