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exposition help

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I am working on a game with some political content, and I am wondering how to display the ideology of the two sides even-handedly. One faction is dedicated to community, order, and social welfare. The other values liberty, nationalism, and independent enterprise. I am finding it personally difficult to portray the first faction sympathetically, and the second faction unfavorably.

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Faction A: Community, order, social welfare
(the positives:)
- Justice
- Altruism
- Unconditional love
- Bonding
- Appreciation
- Consistency
- Deeper cultural/literary legacy
- Intrinsic self-worth
- Interdependent/cooperative goals

Faction B: Liberty, nationalism, independent enterprise
(the negatives:)
- Greedy and selfish
- Conditional love
- Competition
- End justisfies means
- Extrinsic self-worth
- Value based on popularity/exposure
- Rapid value flucturation
- Shallower/more transient cultures
- Internal conflicts

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Lol, being a socialist myself I would have exactly the opposite problem.

One of the main pro-community arguments is 'the children'. As in, if we don't have order, criminals will hurt the children, the children won't get a good education and good nutrition so they can reach their potential, who will take care of the orphans and prevent child abuse...?

Why don't you list what arguments you currently have pro and con each side, and I'll add counterarguments.

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The idea is that the first faction consists of law enforcement agents, and the second consists of rebels.

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In order to convey (I think this is what you mean by display) the two sides evenhandedly might not be enough. You want to thoroughly dilineate (describe) both factions in detail, because the details of the systems will determine how they will operate as a system on the individual. How the system effects the individual, coupled with the biographical basis for the character itself will be the lens through which you describe the system.

So, in other words, the first step is to describe the system objectively in a very clinical sense, in the active sense, and the second is to filter that system through the point of view of the charater the player will be playing. Then you are getting there.


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