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STL setting iterator outside container

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Hi guys, I've got one quick, easy-to answer, and probably also stupid question for you: Can I set iterator to point on element that is not inside any container? Consider this code:

typedef std :: map < CFG_String, CFG_Internal_Group> CFG_Internal_GroupMap;

typedef CFG_Internal_GroupMap :: iterator CFG_Internal_GroupMapItor;

struct CFG_Internal_File
  CFG_Internal_GroupMap groups;
  CFG_Internal_GroupMapItor selected_group;
  /* Variable: global_group

   Global group is not stored in map,
   because we would have to reserve some kind of ID for global group name.
   Instead, we store it direcly in struct, treating it differently also in other ways.
  CFG_Internal_Group global_group;

I would like to use selected_group as a pointer/iterator to: 1. sometimes one of the groups in groups field 2. sometimes to global_group Is it possible to do it in C++? I'm afraid not... but I want to be sure. Using iterator instead of pointer would probably help in managing those groups in other parts of code. What do you say? It's late here, and google hasn't helped... probably because it's such stupid question nobody has ever asked it :-/ Thanks in advance for help.

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Ok, thx for help :-) I also thought that it's not possible, but just wanted to be 100% sure.

For me it's EOT.

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