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a problem with "Device-CreateVertexShader" need help!!

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i use the function below to read transform.txt
hr = D3DXCompileShaderFromFile(
		"Main",  // entry point function name
		"vs_1_1",// shader version to compile to
and then create shader:
hr = Device->CreateVertexShader(
Note that an error occur, the return value is always D3DERR_INVALIDCALL code in transform.txt is below:
// Global variable to store a combined view and projection
// transformation matrix.  We initialize this variable
// from the application.
matrix ViewProjMatrix;

// Initialize a global blue color vector.
vector Blue = {0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f};

// Structures

// Input structure describes the vertex that is input
// into the shader.  Here the input vertex contains
// a position component only.
struct VS_INPUT
    vector position  : POSITION;

// Output structure describes the vertex that is
// output from the shader.  Here the output
// vertex contains a position and color component.
struct VS_OUTPUT
    vector position : POSITION;
    vector diffuse  : COLOR;

// Main Entry Point, observe the main function 
// receives a copy of the input vertex through
// its parameter and returns a copy of the output
// vertex it computes.

    // zero out members of output
    VS_OUTPUT output = (VS_OUTPUT)0;
    // transform to view space and project
    output.position  = mul(input.position, ViewProjMatrix);

    // set vertex diffuse color to blue
    output.diffuse = Blue;

    return output;
i don't know why.. all code is come from <<Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX® 9.0>> Wordware Publishing My video card is an old one: Radeon 7200.. Is it cased by my video card??? [Edited by - Coder on July 23, 2005 1:07:21 PM]

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For future reference, using the [ source ] tags makes your post a lot cleaner and easier to read [smile]

Your old hardware might be the problem, iirc, the 7x00 cards were the first ATI offered with any sort of programmable unit... but a vs_1_1 shader should be okay for that. Run your program using the Reference Rasterizer (D3DDEVTYPE_REF) to verify that it is your hardware rather than your code that is the issue.

For any hardware-support questions, you need to check out the DirectX Caps viewer and/or perform suitable enumeration.

Have you checked all the returned params? no NULL pointers?

The next thing is to run against the debug runtime with a maximum debug output level - it should give you a much better idea of what it doesn't like about your function call. See this NeXe article if you're not familiar with the debug runtimes...


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check if your card supports vertex shader, by checking 'VertexShaderVersion' of D3DCAPS9 structure

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Original post by bladefenix
i don't know that there is a [ source ] tag until u tell me ....

It's all included in the Forum FAQ - although, in fairness, a lot of people don't seem to find/read it [smile]

Good luck with solving your problem!


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