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Frame Hierarchy Export from 3d Studio Max

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After reading a Tutorial (click here) , that demonstrates Frame hierarchy by rotating different parts of a simple tank model, i decided to create my own model in 3d studio max. After creating a basic model (Which is horrific!) and exporting to x format (I have tried two exporters MS SDK 3ds-x exporter and Panda Exporter), i loaded it into my program, but it does not behave properly. The bits move seperatly but the initial matrices of all the pieces do not seem to match up, resulting in the pieces (Body, Turret, |Barrel ) being incorrectly positioned(the photo below of my tank shows only the base; the other pieces are off-camera, by default). When i use the model that he uses for the tutorial everything starts aligned correctly. (The photo below shows the full tutorial tank in its default position, loaded into my program.) I have set the correct pivot points for the model and linked them as well. When i load the two x files into the MeshViewer util and look at the hierarchy, each child frame of my hierarchy appears to have blank child nodes while the one from the tutorial does not. (See pictures) Do you have any idea why this may be or know if it is the cause of my problem or know the steps i need to follow to export the hierarchy properly, to allow rotation/translation of individual parts?

MY Tank in .x Format: Click Here
Tank used in the tutorial: Click Here
My Tank in max format: Click Here

Here are two images that show both the difference in hierarchy between my version of a tank and the turoials version, and also the end result when loaded into my program.

Thanks for your time! Chrisb [Edited by - Bitem2k on July 24, 2005 6:15:52 AM]

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