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Problem with jumping

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I have promblem with making my camera jump in the x and z direction the camera jumps fine in the y direction but it runs round the map like a head-less chicken if i try a directional jump. heres the code that does the jump i would be grateful if anyone could tell me where i gone wrong.

//this start off the jump 
void CCamera::Jump()
	if(!m_IsJumping) //don't want to be able to jump while jumping
		m_IsJumping = true;

		m_Vel.y = 20.0f;
		m_accel.y = 1.0f;

		iPos = m_Pos; //store old posistion for landing

//this animates the camera
void CCamera::Animate(scalar_t deltaTime)
	if ((m_yaw >= 360.0f) || (m_yaw <= -360.0f))
          m_yaw = 0.0f;

	 //Controls Maxium and minium angle of camera
     if (m_pitch > 60.0f)
          m_pitch = 60.0f;		
     if (m_pitch < -60.0f)
          m_pitch = -60.0f;

	 //calculate angles
     float cosYaw = (scalar_t)cos(DEG2RAD(m_yaw));
     float sinYaw = (scalar_t)sin(DEG2RAD(m_yaw));
     float sinPitch = (scalar_t)sin(DEG2RAD(m_pitch));
	 float cosPitch = (scalar_t)cos(DEG2RAD(m_pitch));

	 //set speed of movement
     float speed = m_Vel.z * deltaTime;
     float strafeSpeed = m_Vel.x * deltaTime;

	 //limit speed of movement
     if (speed > 15.0)
          speed = 15.0;
     if (strafeSpeed > 15.0)
          strafeSpeed = 15.0;
     if (speed < -15.0)
          speed = -15.0;
     if (strafeSpeed < -15.0)
          strafeSpeed = -15.0;

	 //set camera acceleration
     if (m_Vel.Length() > 0.0)
		m_accel.x = -m_Vel.x * 1.5f;
		m_accel.z = -m_Vel.z * 1.5f;

     m_Vel.x += m_accel.x*deltaTime;
	 m_Vel.z += m_accel.z*deltaTime;

	//calculate camera posistion
	 m_Pos.x += float(cos(DEG2RAD(m_yaw + 90.0)))*strafeSpeed;
     m_Pos.z += float(sin(DEG2RAD(m_yaw + 90.0)))*strafeSpeed;
     m_Pos.x += float(cosYaw)*speed;
     m_Pos.z += float(sinYaw)*speed;

     m_look.x = float(m_Pos.x + (cosYaw*cosPitch));
     m_look.y = float(m_Pos.y + sinPitch);
     m_look.z = float(m_Pos.z + (sinYaw*cosPitch));

     gluLookAt(m_Pos.x, m_Pos.y, m_Pos.z,
               m_look.x, m_look.y, m_look.z,
               0.0, 1.0, 0.0);

/*****************JUMP CODE*****************************/
	 //czech for jump
		if(m_Vel.y > -20) //don't want to fall to fast
			m_Vel -= m_accel;
			m_Pos += m_Vel;

	if(m_Pos.y <= iPos.y) //landed 
		m_Pos.y <= iPos.y;
		m_Vel.y = 0.0f;
		m_IsJumping = false;


any clues? Wardrobe

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