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diagrams with directx 9

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hi everybody, i am writing some kind of 3D car simulation. now i want to show some statistics on the screen for example diagrams for velocity, acceleration, steer angle… any idea how to make in directX 9.0 maybe particles and point sprites , or is it better to open a new window and use windows-stuff for this kind of visualization ? thanks for your help tom

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Grr, was almost done writing up a reply to this and FireFox crashed on me. Gotta love it when that happens [headshake]

You can definitely use various parts of Direct3D to draw diagrams on top of your 3D scene - there's no need (and for performance reasons you wouldn't want to) drop back to Win32/GDI calls.

The trick is to render all of your 3D geometry and then switch to a 2D format and draw your diagrams over the top.

I use a fairly standard "Transformed and Lit" vertex structure like this:

struct TLVertex
D3DXVECTOR4 p; // Store as [x,y,0,1]


If your diagrams are constantly changing and fairly simple, you might get better performance by drawing from a user pointer (IDirect3DDevice::DrawIndexedPrimitiveUP()), alternatively a dynamic vertex/index buffer will do the job.

Rendering with a combination of points/lines/quads usually covers anything I want to do.

Alternatively, you might want to look into ID3DXLine, ID3DXSprite and definitely ID3DXFont for some stock implementations of common functionality.


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