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OpenGL OBJ UV maps. Wings3D - MeshFromOBJ

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I'm working with OBJ files, and have been using Wings3D to create test models. Started working on an OBJ loader, and my first stop was the DX example loader MeshFromOBJ that's in the SDK. This is a repost from my journal since I doubt many people are going to stumble into it expecting to help me with my issues. Anyways, the center tile is supposed to be on top. This is what it should look like as in Wings3D This is what it looks like in the DX SDK sample loader. Properlly aligning the tops in both images, and referencing the texture up top, it would appear that one of the progarmas is putting in UV cords on the vertical axis inverse. A quick modify to the DX loader, and I get this. The UV Maps appeared to be out of order or something, but I'm not sure how to fix this issue. Any suggestions? From what I can tell, now the issue is left hand cords from right hand cords, but someone who's played w/ OpenGL <->DirectX before could shed some light. Wings3D uses OpenGL for it's rendering of the editor, but it stores the actual object in its own format internally. This may be a bug of the OBJ exporter, but I'm not sure which app is not properly following the spec. (Or is this an issue with something undefined in the spec?)

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