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Two new games in development

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We are an amateur game development team who's mission is to develop the most exciting, fun, enticing and addictive Massively Multi-Player Game of all time. We're tired of so many MMORPG's continuing to be more of the same old thing. It's time for something new, and although the Internet and Broadband connectivity should have been the catalyst for some great new ideas, we’ve not seen a new game that really captures the essence of massive multi-player (IOHO). The small subtleties that differentiate MMORPG's are inadequate to us, and 3DMUVE is determined to offer something truly new, innovative and exciting to the Genre. In some sense, we're developing a whole new genre! Given time, patience, and the hard work and dedication of a few dedicated gaming enthusiasts with a true passion and desire to bring real fun to the industry, 3DMUVE strives forward with a new style MMORPG. We’re developing two titles codenamed Champions and STARQuest. Both will leverage the same MUVE technology, with Champions being more of the proof-of-concept for the technology and STARQuest being a real triple-A MMOPG title. Champions focuses on shorter non persistent games for those gamers who want massive multi-player, but want quick action. In some ways it’s similar to Tribes or Planetside, but with a lot more depth (we believe) and gameplay. Games can last anywhere from a few hours to many days, but it wont be a full fledged long-term persistent game. STARQuest focuses on long-term persistent game play, but instead of a single genre such as role-playing, we’re trying to leverage many genres together, and allow players to focus on their favorite areas, then by working together as clans they can choose their destiny together and work towards the greater good of the clan. STARQuest doesn’t focus on individual leveling but instead empowers the team mates who work well together to level their respective clans. Please check out our site at http://www.3dmuve.com and our message board. We’re looking to open the channels of communications and see what kind of interest level there is. Please realize, we’re just an amateur game development team, meaning we’re not working full time on these titles. We all hold professional jobs by day, and work on our favorite past-time by night. We have a long way to go, but with some luck, support from fans (that’d be you), and help from any talented people that want to help us, we just might get something done. We’re not new at this, and we’ve been working for some time on both of these titles in secrecy. We had taken a break to clear are heads, but we’re back in full force and determined to get things going this time. Thanks and I hope to see you on our site. QUAD

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