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DirectX7 CreateDevice error

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Hi there. I've got a problem with the CreateDevice command in DirectX 7 under visula c++. It returns an error code(-2005532079) but i can't resolve this code to anything readable. Some parts from my code:
------- Create DirectDraw ------------------------------------------------------


    if (uiFlags & CUBE_DDRAW_D3DENABLE

  // Create DDraw object
  if ((hErr = DirectDrawCreateEx((GUID *)/*DDCREATE_HARDWAREONLY,*/ NULL,
      ) != DD_OK) KILLME("CCubeDDraw::CCubeDDraw | DirectDrawCreateEx");
  // Set cooperative lavel
  if ((hErr = this->DDraw->SetCooperativeLevel(this->hWnd,
											      			             DDSCL_EXCLUSIVE |
															                   DDSCL_FULLSCREEN |
      ) != DD_OK) KILLME("CCubeDDraw::CCubeDDraw | SetCooperativeLevel");
  // Set display mode
	if ((hErr = this->DDraw->SetDisplayMode(this->uiResX, this->uiResY,
      ) != DD_OK) KILLME("CCubeDDraw::CCubeDDraw | SetDisplayMode");
  // Create primary surface
	DDSURFACEDESC2 ddSurfaceDesc;
  ZeroMemory(&ddSurfaceDesc, sizeof(ddSurfaceDesc));
	ddSurfaceDesc.dwSize            = sizeof(ddSurfaceDesc);
	ddSurfaceDesc.dwFlags           = DDSD_CAPS;
	ddSurfaceDesc.ddsCaps.dwCaps    = DDSCAPS_PRIMARYSURFACE |

  if (uiFlags & CUBE_DDRAW_BACKBUFFER) {
    ddSurfaceDesc.dwFlags          |= DDSD_BACKBUFFERCOUNT;
    ddSurfaceDesc.ddsCaps.dwCaps   |= DDSCAPS_FLIP |
    ddSurfaceDesc.dwBackBufferCount = 1;

  if (uiFlags & CUBE_DDRAW_D3DENABLE)
    ddSurfaceDesc.ddsCaps.dwCaps   |= DDSCAPS_3DDEVICE;

	if ((hErr = this->DDraw->CreateSurface(&ddSurfaceDesc,
      ) != DD_OK) KILLME("CCubeDDraw::CCubeDDraw | CreateSurface (Primary)");
  // create back buffer surface
  if (uiFlags & CUBE_DDRAW_BACKBUFFER) {
	  ddSurfaceDesc.ddsCaps.dwCaps = DDSCAPS_BACKBUFFER;

    if (uiFlags & CUBE_DDRAW_D3DENABLE)
      ddSurfaceDesc.ddsCaps.dwCaps |= DDSCAPS_3DDEVICE;

	  if ((hErr = this->ddsPrimary->GetAttachedSurface(&ddSurfaceDesc.ddsCaps,
        ) != DD_OK) KILLME("CCubeDDraw::CCubeDDraw | GetAttachedSurface (BackBuffer)");

------- CreateDirect3D ---------------------------------------------------------
  ddsTarget = BackBufferSurface();


  if (EnumZBufferCallback == NULL)
    EnumZBufferCallback = DefaultEnumZBufferCallback;

  this->ddsTarget       = ddsTarget;
  this->CubeDDraw       = CubeDDraw;
  // Capture DDraw object
  IDirectDraw7	*DDraw = NULL;
  if ((DDraw = this->CubeDDraw->getDDraw()
    ) == NULL) KILLME("CCubeD3D::CCubeD3D | DDraw is NULL");

  // Create D3D object
  if ((hErr = DDraw->QueryInterface(IID_IDirect3D7,
                                    (void **)&this->D3D)
      ) != DD_OK) KILLME("CCubeD3D::CCubeD3D | QueryInterface");

  // Create ZBuffer
  if (uiFlags & CUBE_D3D_ZBUFFER) {
	  DDSURFACEDESC2 ddSurfaceDesc;
	  ZeroMemory(&ddSurfaceDesc, sizeof(ddSurfaceDesc));
	  ddSurfaceDesc.dwSize          = sizeof(ddSurfaceDesc);
	  ddSurfaceDesc.dwFlags         = DDSD_CAPS |
                                      DDSD_WIDTH |
                                      DDSD_HEIGHT |
	  ddSurfaceDesc.ddsCaps.dwCaps  = DDSCAPS_ZBUFFER |
	  ddSurfaceDesc.dwWidth         = this->CubeDDraw->getResX();
	  ddSurfaceDesc.dwHeight        = this->CubeDDraw->getResY();

    // Call PixelFormat - Enum
    if ((hErr = this->D3D->EnumZBufferFormats(IID_IDirect3DHALDevice,
      ) != DD_OK) KILLME("CCubeD3D::CCubeD3D | EnumZBufferFormats");

    // Create ZBuffer surface
	  if ((hErr = DDraw->CreateSurface(&ddSurfaceDesc,
        ) != DD_OK) KILLME("CCubeD3D::CCubeD3D | CreateSurface(ZBuffer)");

    // Attache it
	  if ((hErr = this->ddsTarget->AddAttachedSurface(this->ddsZBuffer)
        ) != DD_OK) KILLME("CCubeD3D::CCubeD3D | AddAttachedSurface(ZBuffer)");

  // Create D3DDevice
	if ((hErr = this->D3D->CreateDevice(IID_IDirect3DHALDevice, //IID_IDirect3DTnLHalDevice,
      ) != DD_OK) KILLME("CCubeD3D::CCubeD3D | CreateDevice");

After that: D3DDevice is NULL. I hope somebody can help me! edit: added [source] tags. -SiCrane

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Original post by LJSilver
It returns an error code(-2005532079) but i can't resolve this code to anything readable.

I'm at work now, so don't have the SDK to hand, but there's a DX Error Lookup in the utilities folder, stick that number in and see what it gives you.

If that doesn't work (not 100% sure that tool is in DX7SDK) you can check the C/C++ header files for the various DDERR_ or D3DERR_ type constants. It's a bit more hard work, but it can be done [smile]

Once you have the name of the error, look it up in the SDK - it should be one of the listed error codes / return values for the CreateDevice() function. If thats not helping, post the error name back here and we might be able to give you some clues.

As a wild guess... CreateDevice calls tend to fail for 2 common reasons - invalid parameters (the config you've specified is wrong) or unsupported features (you're requesting a feature your system/hardware doesn't have).


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There is no Error Lookup tool in the dx7sdk. and i can't find the error code in the h file (I've written a very long switch case function which looks up the error codes with all error codes from d3d.h but this one isn't in it.)

Original post from Microsoft DirectX 7 SDK
Return Values
If the method succeeds, the return value is D3D_OK.

If the method fails, the return value is an error. The method returns DDERR_INVALIDPARAMS if one of the arguments is invalid.

But DDERR_INVALIDPARAMS is not -2005532079!?!

And my hardeware supports a simple HAL-Device (P3 - 1GHZ - Radeon 7200).
And it works in other projects.

It would be nice to know ther readable version of the error code...

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I had to wait till I got home to check it out, but I can't find that error number in any references I have.

The DX9 error look-up says "unknown", my DX8-VB6 code says "unknown", google says "unknown", MSDN says "unknown".

Are you absolutely sure that -2005532079 is the correct value being reported via the HRESULT? It strikes me as odd that the value doesn't seem to be appearing anywhere [oh]


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The VisualC++ debug tels me that it is -2005532079.

There is something very strange in the source, because after i have installed the last updates from microsoft (some securety stuff) i cant create surfaces. I've fixed this problem (don't ask me how) after that i've got this problem.

But -2005532079 looks like a "right" error code.

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Ok, i've got it *g*.

CreateDevice crashs becaus the ZBuffer-BitDepth was set to 16. i've set it to 32 and it would work.

Thanx alot

P.S.: But i can't find out what Err -2005532079 means...

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