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Hello, I'm using the following function to write text with SDL_TTf: void drawtext(char* text,int x,int y,int size,int fR,int fG, int fB, int bR, int bG, int bB){ TTF_Font* font = TTF_OpenFont("ARIAL.TTF", size); // font name,font size SDL_Color foregroundColor = { fR, fG, fB }; SDL_Color backgroundColor = { bR, bG, bB }; SDL_Surface* textSurface = TTF_RenderText_Shaded(font, text, foregroundColor, backgroundColor); SDL_SetColorKey(textSurface, SDL_SRCCOLORKEY, SDL_MapRGB(textSurface->format, 255, 0, 255) ); int textwidth,textheight; if (size == 12) {textwidth = 32;textheight = 32;} else if(size == 14) {textwidth = 40;textheight = 40;} else if(size == 16) {textwidth = 50;textheight = 50;} else if(size == 18) {textwidth = 55;textheight = 55;} else if(size == 36) {textwidth = 100;textheight = 100;} SDL_Rect textLocation = { x, y, textwidth, textheight }; // 0, 0 - draw whole surface SDL_BlitSurface(textSurface, NULL, screen, &textLocation); SDL_FreeSurface(textSurface); TTF_CloseFont(font); } But, how do I display an integer? Is there a way to convert INT to char*? Thanks for your help, Victor Freire

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may I just say man, UNTITLED says it all...

but on a more serious note heres the function I wrote when using SDL_ttf for displaying intigers

Uint8 Draw_Text(char* FILE_NAME,int WriteA,int x,int y,int Size)
char Write[50];
sprintf(Write, "%d\0", WriteA);
SDL_Rect Draw_At = {x,y,0,0};
TTF_Font *FONT = TTF_OpenFont(FILE_NAME,Size);
SDL_Color clrFg = {255,255,255,0};
SDL_Surface *sText = TTF_RenderText_Blended( FONT, Write, clrFg );
TTF_CloseFont( FONT );
SDL_FreeSurface( sText );
return sText->w;

you can play with it how u like its definetly not efficient but it will get the job done and there ist really and overhead to calling it.

FILE_NAME = your font file path
WriteA = the int your writing
x and y coordaninths
Size = font SIZE

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