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Yet another shader problem, need more help :).

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Sorry for all the requests lately, im figuring out very quickly im not the best at this shader programming :). Anywho I use fragmented shaders and deferred lighting. This is a deferred lighting one. The problem comes out when I run the game, when the shader compiles. This runs fine on my nvidia 6200(not TC) and yet will not on my SLI 6600GT setup. Here is the code:
float4 OmniLightingPS(VS_OUTPUT1 In) : COLOR
	half4 diffuse		= tex2D(MRT0, In.TexCoord);

	float3 Att			= LightVector * LightRange;
	float4 Attenuation	= mul(Att, Att);

    return ( diffuse *  (1 - Attenuation) );
pixelfragment OmniPixelFragment	= compile_fragment ps_2_0 OmniLightingPS();

It stops running at the return. If I replace the return to just the (diffuse) it runs fine. Here is how its compiled.
		pFragmentLinker->LinkShader( "ps_2_0", 0, aHandlesPostPS, (UINT)iPostCount, &pCodePS, NULL );
		pShaderCode = (DWORD*)pCodePS->GetBufferPointer();

The 2nd line is where the debug stops at, thats because pShaderCode is still NULL instead of being filled from the link shader. Any ideas would be alot of help, again sorry about all the posts with these shaders. Thanks, Brad

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