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singleton question

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I find singleton class is just a class that have a global pointer points its object. so to access a singleton object , accessing the pointer by calling getsingleton(). so I think advantage of singleton that is a better global variable. The key of singleton is not "single". The key is singleton use "single" to get better global role.

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There can only ever be one instance of a singleton, by definition. The key of the singleton pattern is that, it is indeed single (in that only one instance of it can exist) While it is essentially just a global class, the implementation behind it is a little more thought-provoking:

class cSingleton {
cSingleton(); // notice the constructor is hidden
// thus you cannot make new instances

static cSingleton* me; // pointer to the one and only instance

cSingleton* getInst() {
if (me == NULL) {
// ... create the object;
else { return me; }

You can see the differences between this and just a normal global variable - you can get an instance of the singleton in pretty much any scope (cSingleton::getInst()). That with the added protection of not being able to create redundant instances of the class is pretty much all the benefits I can think of to using a singleton.

Bottom line: its messy.

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