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DirectDraw flicker??

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Hi there! This question is not about game programming, but I need some high speed garphics too :) I have to write a application to do some monitoring. It includes mainly realtime plotting of charts of various types like normal curves, scatter plots, etc. I'm finished with most of the application using Visual Stuio .Net 2003. At first the graphics were done using GDI+ / double buffering. This worked fine but was quite to slow, so I switched to DirectDraw (SDK 9.0 from June) using the .Net Wrapper like in this tutorial: http://www.kuhnstall.de/tutorials/dx9sharp1.html . It works too, I clear my background buffer to black were there was something drawn before, draw the new stuff and then flip it to the front, but: it flickers!! So: first question: How can that be? Is the hardware support moved to Direct3d because DirectDraw is deprecated, so it can't do vsync or something like that? Should I learn the do 2d in 3d thing? Second Question: I have to draw *many* lines. In one curves chart there a about 10 curves with like 500 data points each interpolated by a linear spline => this makes 10*500=5000 lines per chart and I need to show various of them at the same time. Is there some faster way to do this than calling DrawLine 5000 times because now it is really slow? GDI+ hat at least a DrawLines which draw multiple lines at once what was somehow faster. So, thanks in advance! Sander

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