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reaction off non moveable object

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I have the collision and a reaction working, I dont yet have the reaction I want... i am just apply the inverse force of the object thus sending him back from where he came... all i want is to find the correct perp angle to send it.. is there a way to do that if you only know 2 points p1(the point that made contact with imoobile object) p2( the previous point that had no contact)..... currnetly i am finding the collision normal by taking (p2 - p1) ... I am not looking for a perfect reaction just one that would send the obeject in the correct 45degree perp.. heres what i got
void CEntity::handleStaticCollision(CVector2D & collisionNormal)
	float impulse;
	CVector2D VRelativeVelocity;


	VRelativeVelocity = this->m_VLinearVelocity;
	VRelativeVelocity *= -(1 + this->m_coeffOfRestitution);

	float inverseMassSum;
        inverseMassSum =  (1 / this->m_mass) + (1 / 10000000 // - MASS- because its a non moveable object);

        float tester = collisionNormal.dotProduct(collisionNormal * inverseMassSum);
        impulse = (VRelativeVelocity.dotProduct(collisionNormal)) / collisionNormal.dotProduct(collisionNormal * inverseMassSum);
	this->m_VLinearVelocity = this->m_VLinearVelocity + collisionNormal * (impulse / this->m_mass);

any ways.. if anyone can shine some light please do...... h

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This formula computes the new direction, given the original direction (D) and the normal to the surface (N). Both must be normalized.

Dreflected = D - 2 * dot( N, D ) * N

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