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ms3d loader

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I have been working on a milkshape3d model loader for a while. For some reason when I load the joint data, the number of joints is zero and not the actual amount.
bool MS3D::
	Load(char* filename)
	FILE* file;
	header header;
	int loop;

	//Open the .ms3d model file
	if((file= fopen(filename, "rb"))==NULL)

        extern BOOL stop;
		stop = TRUE;
		MessageBox(NULL,"File Could Not Be Loaded.","ERROR",MB_OK|MB_ICONSTOP);	

		return true;

	//Read the header data in
	fread(&header.id, sizeof(char), 10, file);
	fread(&header.version, 1, sizeof(int), file);

	if(strncmp(header.id, "MS3D000000", 10)!=0)
		MessageBox( NULL, "Not Valid File", "Error", MB_OK | MB_ICONERROR );
		return 0;//false;	
	if(header.version!=3 && header.version!=4)
		MessageBox( NULL, "Not Valid File", "Error", MB_OK | MB_ICONERROR );
		return 0;//false;

	//Read the vertex data in
	fread(&numVertices, sizeof(unsigned short), 1, file);
	vertices= new vertex [numVertices];
	for(loop=0; loop<numVertices; loop++)
		fread(&vertices[loop].flags,	sizeof(BYTE),  1, file);
		fread( vertices[loop].vertex,	sizeof(float), 3, file);
		fread(&vertices[loop].boneID,	sizeof(char),  1, file);
		fread(&vertices[loop].refCount, sizeof(BYTE),  1, file);

	//Read the triangle data in
	fread(&numTriangles, sizeof(unsigned short), 1, file);
	triangles= new triangle [numTriangles];
	for(loop=0; loop<numTriangles; loop++)
		float mt[3]={1.0f-triangles->t[0],1.0f-triangles->t[1],	1.0f-triangles->t[2]};
		fread(&triangles[loop].flags,			 sizeof(unsigned short), 1, file);
		fread( triangles[loop].vertexIndices,	 sizeof(unsigned short), 3, file);
		fread( triangles[loop].vertexNormals[0], sizeof(float),			 3, file);
		fread( triangles[loop].vertexNormals[1], sizeof(float),		 	 3, file);
		fread( triangles[loop].vertexNormals[2], sizeof(float),			 3, file);
		fread( triangles[loop].s,				 sizeof(float),			 3, file);
		fread( triangles[loop].t,				 sizeof(float),			 3, file);
		fread(&triangles[loop].smoothingGroup,	 sizeof(unsigned char),  1, file);
		fread(&triangles[loop].groupIndex,		 sizeof(unsigned char),  1, file);


	//Read the group data in
	fread(&numGroups, sizeof(unsigned short), 1, file);
	groups= new group [numGroups];
	for(loop=0; loop<numGroups; loop++)
		fread(&groups[loop].flags,			 sizeof(unsigned char),  1,	 file);
		fread( groups[loop].name,			 sizeof(char),			 32, file);
		fread(&groups[loop].numTriangles,	 sizeof(unsigned short), 1,	 file);

		groups[loop].triangleIndices=new unsigned short [groups[loop].numTriangles];

		fread( groups[loop].triangleIndices, sizeof(unsigned short), groups[loop].numTriangles,file);
		fread(&groups[loop].materialIndex,	 sizeof(char), 1, file);

	//read in material data
	fread(&numMaterials,sizeof(unsigned short), 1, file);
	materials= new material[numMaterials];

	for(loop=0; loop<numMaterials;loop++)

		fread( materials[loop].name,    sizeof(char) ,32,file);
		fread( materials[loop].ambient, sizeof(float),4,file);
		fread( materials[loop].diffuse, sizeof(float),4,file);
		fread( materials[loop].specular,sizeof(float),4,file);
		fread( materials[loop].emissive,sizeof(float),4,file);
		fread(&materials[loop].mode,	sizeof(char),1,file);
		fread( materials[loop].texture,	sizeof(char),128,file);
		fread( materials[loop].alphamap,sizeof(char),128,file);

	//Read in Joint data
        fread(&numJoints, sizeof(unsigned short), 1, file);
	joints= new joint[numJoints];
		fread(&joints[loop].flags, sizeof(unsigned char),1 ,file);
		fread( joints[loop].name, sizeof(char)          ,32,file);
		fread( joints[loop].parentName, sizeof(char)    ,32,file);
		fread( joints[loop].rotation,sizeof(float)      ,3 ,file);
		fread( joints[loop].position,sizeof(float)      ,3 ,file);
		fread(&joints[loop].numKeyFramesRot,sizeof(unsigned short),1,file);
		fread(&joints[loop].numKeyFramesTrans,sizeof(unsigned short),1,file);

		joints[loop].keyFramesRot=new keyframe_rot [joints[loop].numKeyFramesRot];
		joints[loop].keyFramesTrans=new keyframe_pos [joints[loop].numKeyFramesTrans];

//Find the parent joint array indices
	for(int x1=0;x1<numJoints;x1++)
		//If the bone has a parent
		if(joints[x1].parentName != '\0')
			//Compare names of theparent bone of x with the names of all bones
			for(int x2=0;x2<numJoints;x2++)
				//A match has been found
				if(strcmp(joints[x2].name, joints[x1].parentName) == 0)
					joints[x1].parent = x2;
		//The bone has no parent
			joints[x1].parent = -1;
//end of loop to find parents


	return true;

Theres the main part of the loading section. If anyone knows why the number of joints (numJoints) is alway zero it would be really helpful. Thanks in advance.

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