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Battle Screens/Arenas

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Im working on my 3D/2D RPG, and Im working on some designs for the battle screens (for random battles, boss battles, etc). I want to try to stay reasonably far away from the tactics-style gameplay, but at the same time, I want to branch a bit away from the normal one-or-two row design. Here's an excerpt from my unfinished design doc on the battle arenas: Battle Arenas All battles, from random battles encountered on the world map or in dungeons, occur on a battle screen, also referred to as the "Battle Arena". Each terrain type has 2-3 arenas, many dungeons will offer their own unique arenas, and some bosses will be fought in unique areans as well. The arena layouts are simple; there are positions that are occupied by the enemy and positions to be occupied by characters - typically these are mutually exclusive. Although mostly visual, the arenas have their own strategic importance regarding where characters can be placed, and thus have an effect on the attacks available for each character to use. Before engaging in a battle, characters are assigned preferences according to the Battle Arena settings in the status menu and the character position in the status menu. Characters may be assigned several arena preferences: Forward - always position the character as close to the enemy as possible. Rear - always position the character as far away from the enemy as possible. Range - position the character close enough to the enemy to be able to hit with the equipped weapon. If characters share the same preference and there are not enough character positions to fulfill all the preferences, the one that comes first on the menu screen will be placed first, with characters farther down being placed in the nearest match. If a character has the Forward preference, and there are no more available positions in the front row, they will be placed in the next closest row. With the Rear preference, this is opposite - characters are placed in the next furthest row. With the Range preference, the characters will be placed in a closer row if a position is available closer, or a further row if one is not. There will ALWAYS be enough character positions for all characters in a party. In addition, after fighting in an arena for the first time, the arena is available under the Battle Arena settings for specific configuration, overriding the assigned preferences. During battle, if another character position is unoccupied, the character can use their turn to move to the available space. The focus of the battles is not to move your characters to strategic locations to use skills which have grid-based attacks like a traditional tactics game; instead, the use of the character positions is to just to add a small amount of pre-battle planning to a normal menu game.

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