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Directx PlatformSDK compatability

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Hey, I'm new to the whole C++ DirectX thing but hoping to get stuck in. I downloaded Visual C++ Express, The latest PlatformSDK and Directx9. I've spent most of today trying to get my hands on the ddutil.h and ddutil.cpp files as I noticed them being used in a number of examples. I managed to track the files down on a site (they no longer appear to be a part of the DirectX download), but they now seem to be out of sync with the latest PlatformSDK: the DDLoadPalette function uses FindResource from winbase.h, this now uses a LPCWSTR for the path name of the BitMap not a LPCSTR like DDLoadPalette tries to pass through. I'm sure there are ways to tinker around to get this to work, but I'd prefer to have the correct versions of software that I know are going to compile and work together to get me going. Anyone able to point me in the rigt direction to a download site for a DirectX version and a PlatformSDK version that fit together nicely, and hopefully a copy of ddutil.h and .cpp that work too ;) I'm not getting far with loading the bitmap on the screen and not sure if this is because of incompatibility. It'd be nice to remove that from the equation. Also, I can't find any examples of how people actually pass the bitmap through to the DDLoadPalette and DDReloadBitmap functions; is the path simply 'c:/directorylocation/bitmap.bmp'? Or is there a better way using the .rc file. Thanks for your time Paul

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